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That wire under the TV needs to removed so badly. Number 1,247 on the todo list.

Check out our new digs

Placement Labs was born two short years ago in 2015. We had no idea how quickly our business would grow. Great partnerships, our SEO dashboard, and first page rankings has helped us continue to be grow and dominate the SEO industry.

Must be the happy clients.

We are pleased & proud to announce our new office space, located in the Kress Building on Beach Street.

Placement Labs SEO Company frosted windows

Originally constructed in 1932, the Kress Building is currently one of Daytona Beach's most intriguing historic landmarks. The building’s uncommon Art Deco architecture, designed by Seymour Burrell, is one of the most historically important in Central Florida, and is admired and studied by artists and historians alike.

Placement Labs HQ Kress Building Daytona Beach

Placement Labs HQ | Kress Building Beach Steet

Our office, nestled in Suite 203, is cozy, yet open; traditional, yet modern-- featuring a combination of technologically-advanced amenities (Chromecast wall mounted TV, high speed internet, and customizable Philips Hue lighting), antique furniture, humanely sourced from reclaimed wood.

Our office and conference table offers an intimate, private meeting location for brainstorm sessions, quiet contemplation, and work-related meetings of all kinds.

Placement Labs Client kickoff table

Placement Labs conference table We enjoy meeting with clients to hear and help their business goals

New SEO Dashboard

Placement Labs isn’t just growing in terms of our office, we are also constantly growing and improving with regard to our business tools and services.

Placement Labs SEO Dashboard

Placement Labs | Client SEO Dashboard

Most recently, we have incorporated a new SEO Dashboard into our repertoire of tools, which provides vital SEO-related information for our own research and work, as well as for our clients, whom we provide with full Dashboard access.

SEO Dashboard Features

  • On-page SEO audits
  • Google & Bing rankings (powered by SEM Rush)
  • Site backlink profiles
  • Google Analytics & Search Console
  • YouTube
  • Google AdWords
  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook
  • Call tracking
  • Email tracking

Always. Be. Growing.

If you want to stay relevant in the highly competitive Search Engine Optimization industry, you have to always be growing, and we are proud to say that we are! Be on the lookout for more Placement Labs updates in the coming months!

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