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Campaign Brief

Create a tool to help people understand the severity of their felony offenses.
Perform SEO and keyword research so people could easily find the resource.
Make sure the user experience was intuitive and smooth.

Law Firm Marketing Tool Felony Calc
“The Felony calculator has been a really helpful tool for our law firm. We are really pleased with the tool and routinely use it to help our client understand their legal situation.”
Aaron Delgado Daytona Beach Criminal Defense Attorney
Aaron Delgado
Florida Board Certified Expert in Criminal Trial Law
Florida Felony Calculator Web Design and Development render on an Mac Apple laptop

Digital Marketing Reach

Since deployment, the felony calculator has had 37,000+ page views. The average "time on page" is over 5 minutes. For context, the average time on most websites is around 1 minute.

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Marketing Channels

  • Facebook & Instagram
  • Google Organic Search

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Law Firm Marketing.<br> The Definitive Guide.
Law Firm Marketing.<br> The Definitive Guide.
Law Firm Marketing

Justice may be blind, but your digital marketing shouldn't be.

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UF Health Spine Center at Halifax Health
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